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The Return of the Seven Samurai
Fri 2nd Feb - Sat 10th Mar, 2007
Galerie Lucy Mackintosh, Lausanne, Switzerland
Group Exhibition


Curated by Alistair Hudson and Adam Sutherland

In July 2006 Grizedale Arts sent a team of seven artists and curators to live in the mountain village of Toge, Japan, for one month. This project formed part of the Echigo-Tsumari triennial, a contemporary art festival designed to regenerate this rural area through the introduction of site specific art works. As we believed this approach to be flawed, the artists were simply briefed to help the village with the problems that concerned them, to be of use. With reference to Kurosawa’s film, one changing culture, the artists, were asked to help another, the farmers, in their struggle with change


This exhibition at Galerie Lucy Mackintosh shows some of the work produced by the Seven in the village and selected work from other projects which we are currently developing. These are ambitious projects with long term aims; so this presentation shows a half way house, a camp along the way. All the work in this space has not been made for consumption as art product, it has been made with a constructive purpose in mind; to have a dialogue with the people we work with and to effect change in real situations. The form of this gallery installation reflects an alternative to traditional aesthetic values. The aesthetic of Grizedale is not formal, but moral, political and driven by necessity and practicality. What you see here is a series of rooms, positions or approaches in occupation, a kind of shanty town: where everything has its use, where even the pictures can be used to make a wall

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