Dan Robinson



A Raft of Measures
Mud Office Does Lunch
Mud In Your Eye...
To the Left of the Rising Sun

The Return of the Seven Samurai
Virtual Grizedale
Near Island
Negotiating Us


Near Island / Nije Otok: a complex scene
24th Feb 2006
House of Croatian Artists, PM Gallery , Zagreb
One day event



Dan Robinson, Ben Cain, Tina Gverovic and Susan Kelly

One day exhibition event with printed score: free food, cyclists, smoke machines, dire straits, performance, speeches, drawings, sculptures, video and light projection.


"...He described the interior space of the gallery as slightly celestial, very white, empty, with echoes. It is certainly disorienting and maze-like in terms of sound and architecture. (it is a circular corridor...We identify the building (geometry, history, texture, tone, memory) as the form of the organisation within. What administrative function, economic mechanism or new social venture would best inhabit these walls? Would renaming the building (in print, by word of mouth, on the fabric of the building) alter the identity of what happens here?"

extract from printed score available at the event.