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To the Left of the Rising Sun
Sat 30 June - Sun 12 Aug, 2007
Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
Group Exhibition


Curated by Cecilia Andersson for Manchester International Festival

What kind of imagery does the North evoke? And what does it mean when the notion of land has an association with a culture, and not necessarily with a country? 'To the Left of the Rising Sun' poses questions about current representations of a terrain that has historically evoked ideas about myth and nostalgia, nationalism, romanticism and an ongoing transformation of cultural identity


On Sat 28th July 2007, artists Dan Robinson and Bryan Davies will be closing Castlefield Gallery and taking the gallery staff on an overnight visit to the remote Low Parkamoor farm

The artists and Gallery staff will engage in physical labour in return for an experience of the rural idyll, plus food from Grizedale Arts' new farm, and accomodation from the National Trust. This exchange is part of the 'Thinking Space for the North' art project to develop Low Parkamoor Cumbrian farm. For their contributution to this show at Castelfield, the artists have proposed a series of exhanges. Other exchanges include a barn door for the gallery director's desk and a public call to swap furnishings for the farmhouse parlour

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