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Teaching Land
2006 - 2007
Project for Northern Art Schools


Gardens, allotments, farms & physical labour in the art & design curriculum

Using the paradigm of the garden, the landscape painting, the community plot, the communal space, a place where things grow, where we put things in and take things out, nourish ourselves, scatter, seed, and cultivate, this module encourages students to take from the Fine Art Programme what they need to develop their own practice, put back into a shared space their ideas, experiences, work, assignments, and works-in-progress.

Vanaylne Green - Leeds University
Fine Art



A step towards outside contexts encouraging self-organisation, social engagement, collaboration. The Allotment as cultural space, leads to critical thinking on other spaces of cultural production and distribution: institutions, galleries, media, cities, architectures. This experimental thinking and doing space 'outside' the institution fosters a different working dynamic

Liz Stirling - Leeds Met Graphics

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