Dan Robinson



Mud Office
Thinking Space for the North
Centre for International Success
Teaching Land
Department of Inbetween
International Pedestrian
Floodlit Platform
The Point!


Feb - June, 2005
Projects between the art academy and society
Situation Leeds, Leeds College of Art & Design and partners


Are we collaborating yet?

A project developed for 2nd year students on the BA Art & Design (Interdisciplinary) course at Leeds College of Art & Design. Exchanges are set up between the college and four external projects in both art and non-art sectors.

The project set out to ask, 'How can collaboration between the art academy and society work to create spaces for thought, action and change?'

Interview recognized the potential of an art institution to creatively engage the city. The proliferation of the terms 'socially engaged, relational, site-specific and art intervention' to describe diverse and conflicting art practices is a reminder that such ideas are not fixed, and need constant testing.


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BA (hons) Art & Design (Interdisciplinary)