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Roving in vacant rooms

Miscellaneous correspondences received:



We went to the Tate Modern, and set free a helium filled balloon in the Duchamp room. We expected it to float up to the ceiling but, as it must have been slightly deflated it just hovered at head height for about 10 minutes before an art guard escorted it out. In this time the gallery going public reacted to the balloon as if it were "art" studying it, questioning it etc. So therefore it was a work of art exhibited in the U.K's most important

If this were to happen more & more frequently in more art spaces around the world, perhaps simultaneously, that would be cool too. Perhaps a website (e.g. " YOUR CHANCE TO BE AN ARTIST & EXHIBIT AT THE GUGGENHEIM") where members of the public can get INTERNATIONAL SUCCESS balloons, specially made for this purpose. I'm sure people could get them filled with helium at balloon/joke shops. Also receive clear instructions on how long to leave a helium filled balloon till it floats at head-height, post photos of the event etc.

O.K. TEAS ...

Walkie Talkie:
can I have your location?



To Department Of Inbetween.

A communiqué from the HTLT who will hereafter not be known as the Here and There Link Trust

We hereby state that the space above your office has been appropriated. We served notice at Beeston Baths for the statutory period of 11 days, commenced on the 1st March 2004.

  • Mode
  • Group formed without adherence to traditional notion of 'group'
  • Open meeting held 4.32 am 24th Dec.
  • location unnecessary
  • Chairperson elected
  • Decision made
  • Action taken

  • Oxygen, carbohydrates and other life support elements
  • Pencil (no paper)
  • Motive
  • Space and time
  • Caffeine, Nicotine

    Concealment Rationale

  • Space maximisation & protection
  • Secrecy
  • Classification
  • Confusion Validation

    We thought it was best
  • without adherence to traditional notion of 'we'


    Space above your office will be used for:

  • Cloud storage and non-storage
  • Transportational route for non-mammals, non-fish and non-reptiles
  • The passage of water units (of any size) from sky to ground
  • Occasional freeing of helium filled balloons by small children, age to not more than 4 years
  • Dispersal of light and non-light
  • Viewing of sky, and anything therein, from ground

  • Transportational route to include bats (only native and free-flying)



Here & There Link Trust
To Department Of Inbetween:

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your communiqué and kind offer of affiliation. Unfortunately, we have to decline your offer. We came quickly to the decision that there is clearly no symmetry between the two organisations, we are an independent organisation and desire no associations. I find your offer surprising as there are sharp differences in the ethos and ethics of said organisations.

It has come to our attention that the space above your office has been used for the purposes of electronic communications. We have not agreed any licensing arrangements with Department of Inbetween, and therefore do not expect the space to be used for signals to or from mobile phones or any satellite technologies.

We will, for reasons of neighbourliness, ignore the recent transgressions. Could you kindly remind your staff that the use the space above your office is strictly controlled and may not be used for any other than the uses stated in our first notice. Perhaps you should ensure that your staff are fully familiar with the acceptable uses of our space. (We have, in the past, suffered greatly from the uncontrolled use of paper planes and view this very dimly).

Although we do not enjoy threatening people, should there be ANY further illegal activities we will evoke Sub-Section 3ii of the 1783 by-law, covering matters of trespass, and prosecute to the full extent of the law.

Thank You,
The Here & There Link Trust

your friend is waiting by the ginnel

file exists



The Society Of The Centre

Risk Aversion / Values / The One True God / Law & Order / Controlled Human Contact / Hard Work / Killing Animals / Assimilation / Marriage (Heterosexual) / High Culture / Hegemony / Public Executions / Censorship / Preservation / Values

To Department of Inbetween.

I am writing to you on behalf of The Society Of The Centre, to register our dismay at the way you openly disrespect the importance of civic and public buildings, not to mention the clear distortion and egocentric manipulation of OUR public space.

The city is a family space, paid for by honest, hard working people through taxes and civic-minded benefactors; it has a formative role to play in our children's lives and development. No wonder then, that with intellectual vandals like you around, children spray on walls and discard chewing gum without proper care and attention. Your department is teaching them to disrespect the shared areas, climbing up scaffolding, shaking umbrellas in dry areas. Don't forget that you are a public body.

How you obtained permission to locate your offices in the bell tower of Leeds University is beyond me, 'Health and Safety' will have something to say about that! We will be writing a stiff letter to someone suggesting that you be dealt with severely. I recommend that if you need better views you should take a lift to the top of a block of flats or climb a small hill and not squat in our public buildings.

I am also checking how your organisation receives it's funding, I don't pay my taxes. If I did pay my taxes I wouldn't want it used to deafen my poor old mother. Your 'Town Hall' audio prank sounds appalling, if my mother had been there she would have been disorientated and, I'm sure, would have had to sit down for more than 39 seconds.

How you became a Department within the School of Art beggars belief, what you do is not art, paintings and sculpture are art. Drawings can also be art, and some photography, and some needle work and the very occasional piece of architecture. But what you do is not art. I am talking strictly about visual art, obviously ballet, classical music and traditional theatre are also art. Some literature can be seen as art, poems, plays and the occasional novel. Bugging public building and invading personal space is not art it is vandalism.

Also, how dare you represent my great country in such a trivial and dangerous way? It is recognised that Britain, through empire, created the modern world and off you go, to less developed and civilised places (Barcelona), representing my country and me by wantonly bouncing balls. That is simply reckless. No wonder the English abroad have such a bad reputation, it's down right irresponsible. Did you seek permission? No, because you know it would have been denied. If you behaved like that in my city I'd confiscate your balls, you could have had a small child's eye out with that. May I remind you that it's a public space not your personal space.

I would also like to know what you were doing spying on Cookridge Tower? What does or does not happen at Cookridge Tower is none of your concern.

Let me assure you, I will be taking legal advice and alerting the authorities.

Good Day To You,
Roger Turnpike,
(Chairman - S.O.T.C.)

P.S. Your sexuality has nothing to do with me but I am sure it is strange.



The Collective Of Persons And Beings At And Around The Periphery (C.O.P.A.B.A.A.A.P)

Difference / Migration / Opposition / Localisation / Other / Non Aspiration / Liberty / Zero Impact Living Childhood / Organisms / Empathy and Acceptance / Confrontation / Bartering / Wilderness / Chaos Weirdy Beardy Stone Huggers / Gravity / Power Resistant / Spiritual Atheism / Age Compression

We feel/are compelled to tell you that you do not exist, nowhere, nothing, a non-entity. Department of Inbetween is the void between meaning, which is opposite and binary. Not even phatic, you are an absence of matter, of substance. You could embrace this state and ghost through time and space but you cling to the earth like a shadow at noon. Purporting to inhabit spaces, moments, to explore time, slow down the vibration of molecules, you do not. You stamp through dust. You wish to capture and question but all we see is entrapment.

Dead birds are not mood music but the transformation of life to the eternal flow of energy.

God may not exist but the spirit does.

We the afore mentioned would like to disassociate ourselves from your celebration of the stone and metal monoliths of West Yorkshire. May we remind you that the materials used to erect these structures were not dead but ripped from the womb of mother earth in an act of extreme violence, leaving her scarred and bleeding. We declare that human kind should lose it's arrogance, and accept that structures should be fabricated only from that which nature discards and offers us, sacred presents, such as leaves, twigs, mud, dead animals, feathers, ice etc.

Although your group tries to prove its childalisation with the Barcelona ball mobilisation, you have clearly embraced adulthood; no amount of references to electronic gaming, non-adult books/films or confectionery can conceal that.

Proofs of open adulthood

  • Department formed
  • Institutional sponsorship
  • Web links to tools of human classification and subjugation
  • Lack of interactivity
  • No leads for aberrant decoding
  • Academic achievements listed and not denied
  • The manifesto makes clear reference to fiction
  • all non-adults deny the existence of fiction.
  • You don't allow paper planes/kites to be flown from your windows, to glide above your structures.

Furthermore, your open promotion/invitation coupled with an accurate prior date and time setting, clearly disregards spontaniety and gives the 'event' the air of a traditional, passive, installation rather than that of a genuine mobilisation.

Centre for International Success is globalisation at it's most obscene. Sending your agents around the world to spread your ideology, to post your propaganda on the walls of the world. What is the cost of all these unnecessary trips? Death through aviation fuel is your text.

Can you not feel the guttural rumble of the universe, vast and eternal (ish)?

The town hall installation and performance 'shifting the audio plane and perception' was simply noise pure noise. Although we must admit to enjoying the paradigm of your mothers work in the 2nd Quarter of 'Parkinson Chimes', we feel this is chance, not design. We also note that you claimed authorship, tut-tut.

Are you the Curator? Clinging to pre-Ustinovian borders and boundaries?

Are you the gate-keeper? Grasping your exclusive access in an elitist dance of mutuality?

The opposite of Inbetween is not, does not and will not.

The opposite of capitalism is not communism but poverty.

Where is the myth? Perpetuated urban myth, buildings have secrets, space is open to negotiation? Place is known and owned, dissected and distributed, measured, classified and controlled to the final millimetre. Power and finance only allow us to play in their space because we perpetuate their profit. Try covering their 'products' with urine or expressing yourself with a spray can in a car showroom, then you will discover place, power and its' control. Yes they allow skate boarders and buskers because it adds safe 'colour' and pulls the punters.

The only discourse relevant to mapping the cityscape is that of finance and profit. Deconstruct the place in terms of hard currency and stare at reality or inhabit your fabricated space, hide in the reconstituted cyber maps.

Men over the age of 25 may not congregate socially in shopping centres but they do fish on city centre canals and flock to urban football grounds, they are they true freedom fighters of the 21st Century. This is the word of the periphery.



Internal Memo:
Your library books are now overdiew



further correspondences may be addressed to departmental administrator

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