"International Pedestrian"


Telefonica Communications Mast & Olympic Plaza
Anella Olimpica Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain
26th May 2003
12 noon
Dan Robinson, Laura Robinson, Joe Robinson, Claire Robinson

- it is publicized one month in advance

- participants are immediate family

- The event is informal and improvised

- Bouncy balls are thrown and caught

monjuic image

Centre for International Success is a cultural inititalive based in the Department of Inbetween
It has projects in Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Faro, Malaga, milan, Nice, Palma and Prague

'International Pedestrian' is also featured in a series of broadsheets and wooden panels titled 'Conversations with Places 1: Towers and Civic Space'


panel image
'a small crowd gathered
some shouted Spanish
others joined in with
bouncy balls'

A series of hand-printed broadsheets referencing work existing elsewhere invite readings as artworks, documentations and proposals. Used as proposals or scores, the broadsheets open up the fictional space of the work inviting action and response.

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others in this series: 'Meeting at The Point!', 'A Building Speaks 1', 'A Building Speaks 2', 'Duet for Town Hall'